Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Search Engines Traffics Secrets ?

What is Search Engines Traffics ?
Many businesses may have thousands of doubts but only single idea how to turn their business profitable....SPENT LESS. But in actual fact , like no other business in various industries, they still need to find a way to get visits to their shops or websites via different platform which may cost them triples..

So, now can we get dozens of visits by spending triple less the amount we are spending today to get traffics to our business ? INTERNET EXPOSURES !

Let us studies how the strategies works ....

What is S.E.O?
SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of arranging a web site's content to obtain higher rankings in various search engines and for you and your business to get the highest visibility among your competitors.

For the purpose of Internet Marketing Exposures and to gain maximum traffics from Search Engines, we will refer to Google, Yahoo! or Bing as a major web traffics contributors. We need  to Optimize the websites or Web stores in order to be found. And, this process is continual practice. Even if your site appeared immediately after you submitted it, you would still be faced with the problem of the engines eg . Google’s ever-changing algorithms. It is for this reason that you should never consider your SEO fully completed.

Why Link Partnerships ?
Spend some time looking for sites that are relevant to your own and already have a high page rank. This is because you need relevant partners to support you and value you as highly reliable business operators. Eg, when you sell a shoes (ABC Brands ), you need Shoes Magazines ( EFG ) to support your brands .

Get listed in the Best Search Engines
When submitting to search engines, you need to know which ones matter. Search engines are also the largest online advertising market in the US, accounting for 41 percent of ad revenue – currently an amazing $5.1 billion.

The Importance of Online Directories
Do not forget about Internet directories. Google, Yahoo and Bing are not the end of the world when it comes to getting your site noticed. The best place to begin is with the DMOZ Open Directory Project and the Yahoo Directory. Both contain lists of sites in the same way as a telephone directory contains numbers.

Setting up a Blog
People generally tend to write their general thoughts on these pages, either as a means for starting discussion or simply because they feel that the world needs to hear their opinions.Blogs were once only written by people with too much time on their hands or an overwhelming sense of self-importance. Then, blogs were taken on by companies and blogs started to appear that were written by senior people in large companies such as Microsoft and IBM.

Podcasting is a method of publishing news. As you may have guessed that the term derives from Apple’s iPod gadget, and the Podcasting phenomenon was heavily promoted by Apple’s iTunes music store, which will be discussed in more detail later. Users can subscribe to feeds of particular interest and automatically download new content that meets their subscription criteria. They are usually free of charge. It works on the same principle as blogging, but rather than the written word, it can be downloaded and listened to in the same way as a normal song or video.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising was hailed as a new dawn in the world of Internet marketing. In fairness, it did change the landscape of online advertising.While online marketing went through many forms, it was generally accepted that banners or other promotional media would be embedded in pages in the hope that a significant number of the people who saw an ad would click on it and buy the product or service. More on Google Ads

E-Cards and Postcards
These facilities are others that take obvious inspiration from viral marketing. If you are not aware of e-cards and postcards online, they are basically like your standard offline card, whereby they are addressed to a specific person and delivery to their ‘mailbox’. The difference is, however, that online cards can be animated, include sounds and, most importantly, live links to your website.

In conclusions, you may have a thousands of ways to make your business operated, it will be the same thing you need to find thousands of ways to get millions of traffics to your online business.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Google - use less energy than driving a car one mile.

A Google user

If you take an active Google user—someone who does 25 searches and watches 60 minutes of YouTube a day, has a Gmail account and uses our other services—Google emits about 8 grams of carbon per day to serve that user. In other words, serving a Google user for a month is like driving a car one mile. And after we offset our footprint to zero, it's like not driving a car at all.

Friday, October 26, 2012

SEO - Look Into The "Engines"

The "SECRET" behind the SEO ( Search Engines Optimization ) , is....NO SECRET AT ALL....

Search Engines Listing is always a big topic among all the marketers.
Put it in as a simple context, you know your access databases where you store your client list? It's just like one of them, but it covering billions of pages of Web Listing, all Search Engines need to do....just to get them out when someone is looking for them.

The Search Engines is actually asking you or your prospects what you are looking for. Your answer is simply that you type in the "Search Box".

There are 2 types of Search Engines : -
Meta Search Engines basically rely on the content of other search engines. Their existence is based on their ability to query a number of sources at one time for the same query, thereby returning a wide range of results, even though they do not hold their own index.

Crawler-Based Search Engines are the type that do hold their own indexes, or databases. They have programs that know how to automatically surf the web, and know what information to pick up. This information is then automatically inserted into their index and becomes available to be found.

So basically, a search engine is a tools or application that puts surfers or reader in touch with the content they are seeking using a system of keywords.

There is, of course, more to it than just keywords which we have to look into multiple policies implemented by Search Engine itself and how their technology being built and as it evolve into the most "user intelligent"engines.
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Powerful Promotion on Your Website

To some website owners, promotion means putting large pictures, music or pop-up boxes and flashing signs everywhere. You, like me, may not like some of these things, but the sad truth is that they continue to be used because, many times, they work very well! If you see a gimmick on a site which you visit that makes you take notice, don’t just click away.

Think about whether something similar might be worth trying on your site.

Colors that Excite or Soothe You may already have decided to use the colors which decorate your off-line stores or your products for your website. But, it’s worth considering the effect of the colors which you use on all visitors, especially those who are not familiar with your company or products. According to the experts:  

Red is a passionate color, tending to enhance the visitors’ mood or attract attention.

Blue is a color that soothes people and is thought to generate a feeling of trust and security. Many websites use some shade of blue for their background or borders between sections of their site.

Green is the dominant color in nature and would be one good choice for sites promoting natural products and related services.  

Yellow is a fun color, tending to increase enjoyment but may make people restless if they have to spend some time - reading a lot of text on your page, for instance.

To be continued......

Thursday, August 11, 2011

7 REASONS - Why You Need To Know Your Customer "VOICE""

The reason WEB ANALYTIC isn't enough, it's because today online marketer must interpret data in the right context. Focusing on individual matrix and indicators alone, will never give you the holistic digital measurement you need to turn the data into action.

The reason why you must motivate your customer to progress to the next milestone. Is that converting today sophisticated online browsers has never been more challenging. Discover how you can optimize your marketing mix by knowing....with confidence which marketing program are most influential and moving customer through sales cycle to conversion.

The reason why the last click doesn’t always deserve the credit. It's because not all campaign how not created equal. The challenge online marketer is to classify campaign and campaign channels and then use the data optimize advertising revenue base on changing business goals.

The reason why you need to get person with your customers, it's because they expected. Using your customer browsing behavior to know exactly what they want and when they want's not just nice to have anymore, it's critical relationship building strategy to translate into higher customer life time value.

The reason why delivering top-of-mind content keeps customer coming back,is that they response to relevant timely offers wherever they are across the web.Smart marketers are aggresively launching re-targeting initiatives to browsers and abandoners back to their site gaining competitive advantage.

The reason why social media and online marketing need to be connected, is because your customer are active 24/7 on all these channels. If you don't have cross channel reporting and benchmark capabilities to track and optimize your social marketing campaign, you missing critical opportunities to find brand champion on facebook and twitter. and deeper your relationship with these loyal customers.

The reason why mobile marketing should be on the top of your marketing list, it's because smart phone are mainstream, and consumer have an accessible 24/7. This year, online marketer should be taking serious step creating cohesive strategies for this emerging channel, so that you are not left behind by the competition.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Online Ads - Things Too Costly But Cheap To Implement

Many things are possible in advertising which are too costly to attempt, but for Online Ads, it is different. You will probably spent RM10,000 in your press ads for few days insertion, but you would only need to spend RM1,000 by getting your Ads visible from 10,000 prospects nationwide. However, changing people's habits and buying behavior is very expensive and time consuming, your ads need to be precised and well targeted their mindset.

However, online advertising is much like a war. We are sometimes out of capture others' citadels or garner others' trade. We must have skill and knowledge. We must have training and experience, also the right equipment. We must also need strategy of the ablest sort, to multiply the value of our forces.

 Reach millions of targeted new customers in a few steps with super Ads Tools - Google Adwords.

With over few hundreds millions searches per day on Google, and thousands of links for every search, you will be likely found your prospects if you know how to do it ....Even if you are a grizzled search engines marketing veteran, you'll still need to learn a few tricks before you pay for your ads to be appeared.  Will Google Adwords, you can setup your Ads quickly and simply.

Run your ads on Google and Google advertising network today !

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Web Images Plays Powerful Role In Persuasion Process

Like words, images are symbols that are the building blocks of persuasive messages. Images communicate in ways that words cannot.

1) Use of dots, lines, shapes, direction, and balance all serve to indicate stability or excitement. 

2) Space and proportion also communicate meaning to viewers.

3) Colors is one of our most profound visual cues, conveying many different ideas to viewers.

4) Camera angles and lighting of a pictures can be used to represent reality in mediated images.

However, it is difficult to "test" an image for truthfulness, yet visual images can be evaluated based on how well they communicate an idea and on the appropriateness of the idea.