Monday, April 9, 2007

Advertise at Google

If you would to plan and execute your marketing activities through Search Engines. Google allows you to buy advertising space, manage your advertising campaign and track your ROI (Return on your investment) in a particular Ads.

What Google Ads offers:-

Google Sponsor's Link?

Sponsor Link
If you search Google, you've seen the sponsored links that appear above and beside your query results. People or prospects click those links and visit the sponsored results shown on Google. That's is how your business and Google make money. Great partnership!!!!

Google Adwords allows Advertiser to :-

1) Creates Advertising in Text, Image, Mobile text, and Video format.
2) Manage and monitor Advertising Campaign
3) Target customer or propects by countries and territories, Regions and cities, as well as customize the Ads target by preferences.
4) Set pricing : Which you agree to pay Google for displaying your linked ads and having visitors land on your Web page.
5) Set Ads budget : Daily budgeting, monthly budgeting, as well as Ads Campaign Budgeting.

Google do not only helps Advertisers to publish and displays Ads on Google Search Results Page, they help Advertisers to advertise and publishers their Ads on Google's Content Partner site and as Well as Google's Search Partners sites. This will allows Advertisers to get more exposure on their Ads and to obtain Return On each invidual Advertisement Ads Invested.

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