Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yahoo! Search Tips

As we had mentioned earlier how we should search Google, now we share the tips to search Yahoo!

By default, the Search results returns only pages that include all of your search terms. If you wish to improve the search result, below are some tips which you can refer.

Including Words: To include words, just type a plus sign + in front of each one. For example, if you wish to search "superman brandon routh", you just need to add a "+" infront of your search queries. "superman +brandon routh" , the results superman christopher reeve will not appear

Excluding Words: To exclude words, type a minus sign - in front of them. For example, if you want to see pages about "superman" but with no mention of "Brandon routh", you can just add a "-" in your search query.Eg. "superman -Brandon Routh"

If you're equally interested in two or more alternatives, use OR in capital letters. For example, Christopher Reeve OR Brandon Routh

Word Order
To search for an exact phrase, just put quotation marks around two or more words. For example, search on "Christopher Reeve"

Related Searches
If you wish to search for something similar, links to related searches appear under the search box at the top of your web results page. Eg if you wish to search for "superman", the Search Result Page will indicate "also try" the related searches.

Yahoo! Shortcuts
Yahoo! Shortcuts help you find what you're looking for in a flash. Shortcuts include a set of five keywords and one special character !. For example if you search for "incredibles", the is a "Yahoo! Shortcut" to link you to the most relevant to your queries. A Yahoo! Shortcut automatically appears when it is relevant to your search and can contain links to useful content from Yahoo!, its partners, or across the web.

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