Friday, October 10, 2008


The Internet technologies is the most alluring channel nowadays, but in business-to-business commerce electronic links have opened up many opportunities to reach out customers through the new level of convenience and location. The lower price of electronic channels can also reduce cost and increase profitability. On the other hand, with the help of new technologies, the measurement of productivity will be altered somewhat, as traditional practices of observation and daily face to face interaction will no longer be part of the work style.

In the millennium, the Internet or Web technologies and e-commerce will be used to facilitate a shift from country-based to interest based marketing strategies, which enabling companies to target new customer and market directly. The government effort in building up IT infrastructure to design highest international standards of capacity, reliability and pricing. Thus, the future marketing and management decision maker need to be more emphasize on the technology development in order to compete globally, survive longer and achieve competitive advantage.

Whatever name you called, Internet Marketers, Search Marketers, Online Marketer, or Internet Explorers, no longer an "alien" to businesses. These people utilizing sophisticated skills yet simple channels go sell, to introduce and to reach their targeted market easily.

Online Exposures covered the Search Engines Marketing, going through Social Community sites (Eg. Facebook and Myspace ), Social Blogs (Blogcatalog, mashable), Social Bookmarking (DIGG,, Video Sharing ( Youtube, Metacafe, Google Video), Articles Distributions (GoArtilcles, Article Base, Ezinearticlies) , and other social channels.

The entire Internet Exploration and its power of distribution is the most powerful and flexible source ever devised. It is changing everything where we work, learn, shop, eat, vote, spend free time, make war, friends and love.

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