Wednesday, September 24, 2008


With the advancement in technologies, consumers or the uses nowadays are knowledgeable enough to use their PCs anytime they like. Decision-makers will be themselves. The IT and the new technology have actually brought us, the management and the business to another new era of industries and the way we transact.

The new information age on shopping industries. Morgan Stanley research reveals that certain types of products should do well in terms of Internet sales - commodities, durable goods, and products with brand name and consumer recognition, new innovation or technically superior product. The new concept of transaction, e-commerce has assisted the business manager to make more money and it’s actually show a practical result to their sales revenue and improve the overall company performance.

However, there are specific retail categories that may need longer time to develop, or may never fully develop, including groceries, food, home repairs and others complicated industries that need knowledge of the consumers.

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