Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yahoo! Search Operators

Yahoo!Search having a similar sets of Search Operators as others Search Engines. You can enter these operators with your queries directly into the Yahoo! Search box.

1) hostname:
A search query with a "hostname:" after the wording will allow you to search and find all documents from a particular host only. For example, if your search for, the return results will only show all documents from only.

2) site:
A search query with "site:" allows one to find all documents within a particular domain and all its subdomains. Example, if you search, the return results will show all the documents and all its subdomains which link to it.

3) link:
When a search query with "link:", will allows the return results show all the documents that link to a specific URL. Example,

4) url:
Search query with "url:" request the return results to find a specific document in Yahoo index. For example, url:

5) inurl:
By using "inurl:" in your search query, it will allows you to search and find a specific keyword as part of indexed url. Example, inurl:superman

6) intitle:
A search query with "intitle:" allows you search and find a specific keyword as part of the indexed titles. Example, intitle:superman

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