Friday, September 21, 2007

YAHOO! Windows Of Your World

Yahoo! was incorporated in year 1995. The company headquarter in Sunyale, California. It's include massage, haircuts, dentistry, car wash, oil change, football, bocce, free lattes, and stock options for all.The building built in 2000-2001 cost the corporation about $258,700,000.00 and designed by RMW Architectual and Interiors. Developed by Higgins Development Partners.

The Yahoo! campus includes five buildings and 820,000 square feet of office space, plus a three-story parking garage. In 2004 - The Yahoo! campus is highlighted by the Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Program. It is praised for using permeable rock walkways to transfer runoff directly to the soil, and angling walkways and parking lots so the rainwater runs into the landscaping instead of storm drains.

However, as compare to Googleplex, Yahoo! Worksplace is no more relax and leisure as compare to Googleplex.

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