Saturday, November 15, 2008

2009 - Predict Business Fortune and Act On It!

We live and we are told on an information society in information age. The dramatic impact, which the application of modern technology can have upon a society and the large corporate environment, is increasingly widely recognised. 2009, as everyone was told to be the most challenging years throughout the era. Businesses falling into a deep dark hole. Data and information accuracy become the main source for decision maker to plan for their next move.

With the new develop internet technologies, information no longer moved by physical transportation. Information is now more real times and has lower cost of processing due to telecommunication technologies. Wireless and cable transmission of digital signals have had gathered around the PCs, intranets and internet. Particularly in worldwide communication, have created a new dimension to the meaning of new working concept. The use of information technologies, had enhanced the data accuracy, marketing performance to help decision-makers of the organisation and the consumers works and enjoy whatever favorable result.

The Internet technologies is the most alluring channel nowadays, but in business-to-business commerce electronic links have opened up many opportunities to study and to reach customers through the new level of convenience and location. Tracking and analytics tools allow to track real busines performance and buying patterns from all sort of targeted market and prospects.

Online Analytics has been recognised as being useful in the development of strategic planning. The formulation of business strategy requires information that is from external sources, and requires support for decision-makers through a system, which allows the testing of different options. For example, strategic intelligence systems which are used to gather information about suppliers, clients and rivals. This tool has been created for the analysis of marketing strategies.

The key success of the strategy use was a company’s ability to control and monitoring turning points in the trends and executes ahead of the trade. As the organisation improves their interactive system and provides more data quality management systems, it’s allow or enable the senior management to carry out middle management duties. Hence business became more dynamic, more value information will be generated to assist the organisation towards the future marketing forecast and in fact to achieve competitive advantage.

TRACK, ANALYSE, PREDICT and IMPROVE - Only with these kind of effort which contribute by each different party then the business can build up its performance effectively and efficiently.

Web analytics or Website Statistic is a studies of Online behavior in order to improve the overall business performance and marketing effectiveness.

. Your Brand Engagement - How much does your customer know about your company and your Brand ?
. Who are your prospects - Where does your prospects comes from ?
. Customer Behavioral Studies.
. Understand what customer do online.
. Understand what customer think.
. Psychographic analysis.

. Study and analyze - current Online Presence strength and weaknesses.
. What is your competitors strength ?
. Find opportunity.
. Which products or services have BEST response rate.
. Understand which are the best target regions you should go for.
. Demographic data improve your market experience.

. Look for BEST ROI alternatives.
. Monitor, track and improve campaign performance.
. Compare and evaluate campaign variables.
. Knowing which are the best sellable products.
. Compare your cost spent on advertisement versus it returns on your investment.

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