Monday, August 9, 2010

Instant Fulfillment - The Information Needed to Make Instant and Accurate Strategy

Commercial organisations have always relied on business intelligence about markets, competitors, consumer preferences and other information to give them the edge and to stay ahead their competitors. With business becoming more competitive and global in nature, there is an even greater need for fast and accurate information. The success in the next millennium for every organisation will depend on the creative, competent and smart use of information.

However, the explosion of corporate information has created almost as many problems as it has solved. A major problem with most organisations these days is overload of information, which needed for their decision making and planning. Many of them are drowning under the mountain of information that is coming through the phone, facsimile machine, e-mail, Internet, etc. A lot of quality information is being wasted. 

A recent survey of over 1,300 corporate executives in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region revealed that a majority of the junior, middle and senior managers in organisations of all sizes across different industry sectors and business disciplines were experiencing an information overload. Thus, too much of information obtain need time to analysis and make better decision. 

Recently the online business information services are implemented. The strategy intends to provide a single business information solution for corporate intranets. This is ensures every individual across every enterprise has immediate access to information they need to do their job and make their business effectively and accurately, unhindered by irrelevant, duplicate, inaccurate or ultimately material.

By providing business information solutions that fit the exact needs of organizations and individual, the business nowadays can sell and market globally. While the Internet and the World Wide Web have gain in status over the last two years, the e-commerce is introduced. It is likely that corporate Intranets will provide the most effective business information in the future. Intranets, can provide the level of security and service demanded by business. The e-commerce and the new technology nowadays allow business people to do business domestically and globally. 

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