Sunday, July 13, 2008


For better or worse, today’s technology gives us lots of ways of keeping connected with our businesses, our families, and the information we need. On the other hand, businesses today are becoming increasingly dependent on their network technology to support critical operations and stay competitive.

The Internet is playing an important role in a lot of organization operating process. In fact, the advance technologies will give managers a whole new set of options for structuring and operating their business. In 21st century, some companies today will be small, some will be large, some will be decentralized and other will not. The matrix and hierarchy are the most common formal organization design for large companies today. They’ve structure communication, responsibility, and accountability to help reduce complexity and provide stability. With the environment changing so quickly, the challenge has been to make large company, with their economies of scales as responsive as small ones. With all this impact, the organization can actually lower down their cost and finally provide the cheaper price offering to consumer.

With all the development of new technologies, particularly in the worldwide communication, have created a new dimension to the meaning of new working concept.

There is a generation of hardware and software used by the remote worker, to process, send and receive information to most destinations in the world in a variety of formats.

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