Monday, July 14, 2008


"Economy Downturn, Stocks Market Declines, Consumers Spending Decreases, Companies Cutting Marketing Budgets....."

The INTERNET REVOLUTION has changed the modern business landscape considerably and has given rise to many new Online Marketing concepts. More and more businesses and enterprises adopted Online Marketing Strategies as their main streams to promote and initiate their sales activities. This had become more significant effect when the entire market is slowing down.


1) According to IDC Program Director, Digital Media and Entertainment Karsten Weide:"Even though spending on advertising overall will contract this year, spending on Internet advertising still increases, what that means is that advertisers are accelerating moving budgets out of the old media and into the new."

2) Worldwide Spending on Internet Advertising Will Soar Past $106 Billion in 2011, According to IDC "Compared to more mature types of advertising, Internet advertising is growing at a phenomenal rate," said John Gantz, chief research officer at IDC."

3) The difficult economy will force companies to cut ad spending across all media by as much as 7 percent for 2008, estimates IDC. Nevertheless, the firm predicts quarterly online advertising growth will increase between 15 percent and 20 percent in each of the remaining three quarters this year; it also expects Internet ad spending will more than double in five years.

Marketing During Downturn - MarketingSherpa

Large Firms Cut Large Budgets
Large firms tend to spend more on marketing as compare to the smaller one. As economy dreceases in growth. More and more firms switching their conventional marketing strategies to the one which gave the most returns which the lowest investment possible.

Marketeer Boost Online Spending
Marketers investing more online because it is less cost and easier to measure it's effectiveness.

Mainstreams - TV and Radio Ads Budget Cut The Most
TV and radio ads cost the most, therefore they are naturally the only mediums which budgets cut the most.

If you are already in business, you know you have to spend money to make the most returns. However, you may also need to consider to redistribute your marketing budget to free up funds for marketing online especially when the industries is tied up.

The Internet Marketing is driving a revolution in business practice. The companies nowadays will continue to use it's strength to add value to every step of the value chain in order to stay competitive in marketplace.


seoMaMa said...

Yeah, most of the company are going to cut cost due to the economy downturn, some of it even go for paperless and online marketing. It not just save cost, it also one of great way to Greening concept.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right.....we, "internet people" should push hard to educate people on the benefits of Online Business Automation.