Saturday, July 7, 2007

Complete SEO Flow and Techniques

The Internet have created more millionaires than other industries for the past 10 years. How does this happened? and what's made this happened? How to make this mystery happen to you and your business. There are websites designed and being abandoned for its own strength to get expose to the world. On the other hand, there are websites outthere designed and made billions from its investments.

So, is your WEBSITE working? Customers are searching and keep searching, can you be found? Are you generating sufficient revenue online?

Are these questions bordering you all the while? The solution for creating the best online visibility and to achive better Return On Invesment is simple and it is the fastest income generator - SEARCH ENGINES ! Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN can help you to achive your dream. Search Engines are powerfull branding and product selling tools. In this chapter, i would share the most latest and efficient way to get your site visible by the WORLD!

SEARCH ENGINES OPTIMIZATION - Well-knowned as SEO. its power and its strength spread everyone "words" to the entire world.

You have a site or Web page, what next?

1) Setup
This is where you will need to study your site structure and make it idenfifiable by Search Engines "robot".
- Creates Meta Title, Meta descriptions and Meta keywords is a must.
- A sitemap will help and assist the "robots" to find your valuable products informations.
- Creates ALT Tag for all the pictures.
- Validate your site to make sure there are no errors. W3C Validation

2) Exposure
- Creates a blog to talk about your products and services
- Social Bookmark your site
- Join related industry forum
- Ask for Article Marketing or Advertorial Marketing

3) Retain your prospects
- Video
- Documents and product brochures download
- E-Zine and Webminar

4) Conversion
Convert your traffic into real monetary transaction
- 100s Online Strategies

5) Review
- Review and track every step and every action on your site with Google Analytics

You may share your thoughts and ideas for the above topics. For further queries on the above topic and others doubts on search engines optimization, please feel free to visit to Bean' s Search Engine Services. Online marketing services and consultant services in Malaysia.

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