Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Highlighted YAHOO Products Are Key Initiatives or Have Reached Critical Mass

Yahoo! 360" - (Social networking site and blog host)

Yahoo! Answers - (Yahoo! Answers is a service that allows users to ask and answer questions other users post)

Yahoo! Avatars - (Create personalized character images)

Yahoo! Autos - (Allows users to shop for new and used cars)

Yahoo! Assistant - (Browser helper object for Internet Explorer)

Yahoo! Briefcase - (Free file hosting service)

Yahoo! Buzz Log - (Log tracks and analyses trends in searches made through Yahoo! Search)

Yahoo! Developer Network - (Offers resources for software developers which use Yahoo! technologies and Web services)

Yahoo! Directory - (Web directory of Yahoo!)

Yahoo! Finance - (Financial information, including stock quotes and stock exchange rates.)

Yahoo! Gallery - (Directory of applications built by third-party developers using Yahoo! technologies.)

Yahoo! Games - (Allows users to play games)

Yahoo! Geocities - (Web hosting service which offers 15 MB of web space)

Yahoo! Groups - (A free groups and mailing list service which competes with Google Groups)

Yahoo! Hot Jobs - (Provides tools and advice to job seekers)

Yahoo! Local - (Find local businesses and services and view the results on a map)

Yahoo! Mail - (Web based email)

Yahoo! Maps - (offers driving directions and traffic.)

Yahoo! Messenger - (Instant messaging system)

Yahoo! Mobile - (Mobile Website)

Yahoo! Movies - (Yahoo! Movies offers showtimes, movie trailers, movie information, gossip, and others)

Yahoo! Musics - (offers music videos and internet radio:LAUNCHcast)

Yahoo! News - (News updates)

Yahoo! Personals - (An online dating service with both free and paid versions)

Yahoo! Photos - (Photo sharing service similar to Flickr)

Yahoo! Pipes - (Free RSS mashup visual editor and hosting service)

Yahoo! Podcast - (Beta service that allows users to search for and view podcasts.)

Yahoo! Publisher Network - (Advertiser Program)

Yahoo! Real Estate - (Real estate-related information and allows users to find rentals, mew houses, real estate agents, mortgages and more.)

Yahoo! Search - (Search Engine)

Yahoo! Search Marketing - (The service is the pioneer of pay-based inclusion in search engines, and also delivers targeted ads similar to Google AdSense.)

Yahoo! Shopping - (It allows users to search for, compare and buy products online.)

Yahoo! Small Business - (Offers web hosting, domain names and e-commerce services for small businesses)

Yahoo! Sports - (Offers sports news, including scores, statistics, and fixtures. It includes a "fantasy team" game.)

Yahoo! Tech - (Reviews and advice for buying and using electronics.)

Yahoo! Travel - (Offers travel guides, booking and reservation services.)

Yahoo! TV - (Offers TV listings and scheduled recordings on Tivo box remotely)

Yahoo! Video - (Video sharing site)

Yahoo! Widgets - (Cross-platform desktop widget runtime environment)

Yahoo! Kids - (Children's version of the Yahoo! portal)

Yahoo! Kelkoo - (Shopping search engine which operates in 10 European countries)

del.icio.us - (Social bookmarking site)

Blo.gs - (Recently updated blogs)

Dialpad - (Phone company)

Flickr - (Photo sharing service)

Upcoming.org - (social event calendar)

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