Sunday, July 13, 2008


As business nowadays continues to learn how technology can further commerce, many business people and manager are hard-pressed to define electronic commerce. The new implementation of business, more than a new type of transaction, on-line commerce is changing the fundamental buyer and seller relationship. The Electronic Commerce is encouraging continuous contact with clients by helping them determine their purchase requirement, acquire a product, use a product, and replace a product.

A good example will be a "Ready Made Ecommerce Platform which allows you to enjoy full features of of Online Store and earn money out of it.

Well, to capitalize on the opportunity for future sales offered by EC, companies will need to use IT to provide clients and customers information about their products and services. By helping potential customers use technology to search, compare, track, receive and service product, under their brand or another, the company can communicate what clients need to make decisions.

With the advances in technology are, consumers nowadays are knowledgeable enough to use their PCs anytime they like. Ultimately, when we talk about online-manufacturers - (SKIN CARE & HERBAL CARES, AUTOMOTIVE LEATHER SEAT, PLASTIC HOSE MANUFACTURER and more) may be the biggest winners online, particularly small manufacturer who has until now been at the mercy of the channel. The success of factory outlets shows consumers like to buy direct from manufacturer. With the low cost selling on line, even small manufacturers can take advantage of this trend and enjoy economical of scale when they produce and process at the lower cost.

For a company in need of marketing information, the Internet offers a means of reaching consumers without having to call them away for a dinner or lunch. The Internet and World Wide Web have the potential to create vast new markets for information services and knowledge of the products. It is vital because organization needs this information to plan their strategies and for the consumers to have a convenience to click on the product they really need.

On the other hand, as far as concern, a lot of companies nowadays intend to go global. Global expansion allows companies to spread costs over operation and enhance profitability. In industries as diverse as computer products, insurance, telecommunications, and pharmaceuticals, the global race has been ignited by unprecedented geographic and financial opportunities. With close of the 20th century, the entire world is open up for the first time as single mass market. Simultaneously, computers, faxes, and e-mail have made the logistics of global deployment and management decision making easier.

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