Monday, August 9, 2010

E-Commerce Selling and Business Decision

As technologies grow, when business managers have wider knowledge of information, they have to decide where and why they should sell their product. Consumers nowadays are talking about the convenience and cheap price on the products and services they buy. Well, selling online would be the ideal technique for the organization. As general rules, whatever sells in print catalogues will also sell on the Internet. For instance, Hewlett Packard, Epson, and Acer actually published their product catalogues, specifications and even the method of how to configure a system to their valuable customer.

What is more important is that the type of products organizations intend to sells is the size of niche market they choose. In the physical world, niches are based on geography. Yet geographical is almost irrelevant on the Internet niches on the Internet niches on the Internet are based on what the organization sell. So they have to choose a niche small enough that can be dominated it. The same thing that makes Ferrari look like it means business good design. On the web, good design means good proportion, clear layout and colour combination that work.

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