Tuesday, August 28, 2007

LIVE Search Operators

LIVE Search allows users to make advance search query for its return results to make more relevant. The " LIVE Advance Search Operators" is similar to Yahoo!Search Operators and Google Search Operators. The Search Operators serve as a means which the users query words that have special meaning to the Search Engines Res
ults Page from either Google, Yahoo or LIVE. Thus, it makeb easier to find things using LIVE Search.

The following lists the search operators that work with each LIVE search query.

1) URL:
A search query starting with "URL:" is to query whether the listed domain or web address is in the Live Search index. Example, URL:myhoodoo.com

2) link:
This is to find a sites which link to specific domain or website. Example, when you search for games link:google.com, it will highlighted pages that contain the word games and that link to Google.com

3) linkdomain:
"Linkdomain:" which returns pages that link to any page in a given domain. Example, when you search linkdomain:live.com. will see pages that link into LIVE.com

4) linkfromdomain:
To start a query on "linkfromdomain" will allows your query to find sites that are linked from the specified domain. A search query for linkfromdomain:searchenginesservices.com allows return results to find those link from searchenginesservices.com

5) Contains:
By entering "contains:" is your search terms, will allows you to search where there’s a hyperlink to a specified file types. Example , if your search terms contains:wmv will find results that contain WMV files. You may also try exploding jacky cheung contains:wmv, this allow you to narrow down your search for whatever audio and video files, images, binaries, and so forth.

6) Site:
To start your query with "site:", the return results show web pages that belong to the specified site. Example: site:searchenginesservices.com

7) inTitle:
You may also search for InTitle:leather to find those returns resutls which has "leather" on its title.

8) ip:
Search for "ip:" to locate the sites that are hosted by a specific IP address.

9) filetype:
Live Search recognizes many filetypes including .html, .txt, .pdf, .doc, .xls, and .ppt. To find reports created in PDF format, type your subject, followed by filetype:pdf. Example search engines optimization filetype:pdf .

10) Loc:
By specifying the country or region code directly after the loc:keyword, you can find web pages from a specific country or region. For example, search engines marketing loc:my