Sunday, August 12, 2007


We believe that the New Information Age has changed the game of business forever; moreover the Internet has played an important role in managing corporation change and organization interdependent. A small firm with limited capital can now utilized and obtains the information on the Web to increase sales by competing in ways they never could before, and larger corporation can reduce expenses while serving their customer better that ever through Internet.

The World Wide Web or Internet has its impact on the current and future business environment.
As market became more and more competitive, more and more company needs to speed up their operation and gain accurate information. Without assessing to the new electronic systems, the Internet and Intranet, the company is unable or difficult to get and obtain valuable information from the external and internal environment. This is vital for a company business forecasting and for effective management and marketing decision making.

Advertising has become the main discussion topics throughout the decades. Firms and enterprises who wish to gain maximum return on what they have invested, finding ways to spend the least and gain the most. As internet and the World Wide Web evolved, more and more firms has stand on their own feet to get themselves live on the Internet World. The Online advertising helps firms to achieve to most favorable returns as compare to offline advertising. Apart from its main roles in generating returns and to reduce offline advertising cost, online advertising serve as different potentials in organization and businesses practices.

20 Reasons to use ONLINE ADVERTISING

1) Reduce marketing cost.
2) Generate online revenues.
3) Reach target audience missed but other media.
4) Increase Brand Awareness.
5) Track consumer interests and trends
6) Generate “User Acceptance Test” or “Trial Market Experience”.
7) Encourage and Increase brand loyalty.
8) Retain most valuable customers.
9) Increase Repeat Purchase.
10) Cross Sell others products and services from the same company.
11) Encourage customer to buy more per purchase occasion.
12) Provide in-depth information about a particular product or services.
13) Improve customer service
14) Develop database of customers and prospects.
15) Accelerate sales performance and reduce excess inventory.
16) Reduce marketing cost
17) A test for marketing strategies.
18) A test for products, price, and promotional activities.
19) Field Survey Research
20) Drive traffic to website

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