Friday, January 25, 2008

Latest Asia and Malaysia Internet Usage

As we move from the Industrial to the Information Age, the quality of services, the efficiency in making a strategic decision and the profitability of a business becomes increasingly important. Therefore, the new way of management and business have to be implemented- "The Internet Way". The new development of technology has had change the traditional business style to the other dimension way of practice. Our dependence grows daily with the advance of global net multimedia.

As internet technologies growth, we believe it has changed the impact on the current and future business environment. The statistics has shown significant user growth throughout the entire globes.

The statistics were updated 30th November,2007. It showed a user growth rate of 303.9%(2000-2007). Asian searches activities ranked reasonably higher rate among all other regions.

Among the Asian countries, Malaysia having a healthy internet usage growth of 302.8% for the past 7 years. By having population estimated of 28,294,120- according to world-gazetteer. The internet users base has grown from 15% penetration to 47.8%.

As the world is becoming a border-less, the businesses especially need to compete not only with others in the trade domestically, but globally. Thus, with the growth of new internet technology, it’ll give them the opportunity to trade electronically on a global basis.

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