Thursday, April 17, 2008


With the advancement in the new technologies, today manager is able to reach their customer faster and with the close public relation (PR). The global community will be living at the leading edge of the Information Society. Their smart homes will be connected to a network or Internet through which they can shop, receive information, be entertain, interact with one another, and educate themselves. Major advances across the technological, electronic, computerised or digital boards are enabling people to do work at home- often more efficiently and economically-everything they used to do in the office. Tele-videophony has become foolproof and cheap. It swiftly swept the nation, vastly reducing the need for personal meeting. However, no machine can ever wholly replace personal, physical one to one contact.

By the new millennium, between brutal downsizing and intelligent digitalisation, the physical size of most corporate headquarters will be a fraction of what they used to be. Corporations will no longer be tied to massive personnel pools. Many would find ways to move still farther into the sticks, to take advantage of the innumerable benefits, corporate as well as personal, of technotribal society.

Imaging trying to run a company without computers, Internet, telephones and fax machines, telling your customers and suppliers that you only do business by mail. How about trying to run a company in the year 2008 without the basic tools of electronic commerce? It is no doubt that Electronic Commerce and the new technologies makes a company more flexible, responsive, and customer-oriented. Thus, the organisation nowadays realises the importance of new technology and makes a change in their own style of working and doing their domestic and global businesses.

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