Friday, May 16, 2008

SEM Briefing - Emphasize on "CONVERSION" in Search Engines Marketing - SEODADDY

16th May,2008 - SEM Briefing on Search Engines Marketing should emphasizes of "Business Conversions" rather than Search Ranking.

Internet technology becomes a key element for current and future business development in every industry. No doutbs, during recession, more and more businesses finding their ways to reduce production as well as marketing cost. Thus, Internet Marketing become the main "tools" for their business to survive and able to compete with their competitors. The growth of using internet is increasing dramatically in the next 10 years. Every 7 out of 10 businesses nowdays owned a Website, and every 9 out of 10 businesses nowdays utilised email for their daily communication method to reduce cost and to obtain fast and prompt responses.

Search Engines Marketing has been a well-knowned strategy to help businesses to gain Online Business Exposure. More and more businesses engaged this strategy to help them to obtain business leads or prospects without troubling their physical salesman.
Many of them realized that, better ranking and listing for their Business Website in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo! or, will get better exposure. But, in actual fact, good Search Engines Ranking does not mean you will get better business conversions.

The briefing was conducted to explain and to brief every reseller on how Search Engines Marketing works in order to achieve better business conversions.

Search Engines Optimization helps websites to rank and gain better business visibilty in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo! and However, it does not means that you will achieve better click-through towards your site, as users behave differently in response to your website listing. To further create as much as Website Visibility on others marketing channels like blogs, forums, articles, bookmarking, etc.

Way to far by just creating a simple meta tagging to gain better Online Exposure. You will still need to ask if all this Website Traffics will stay onto your site and keep reading on what you are trying to express. It's all lies on your Website structures, your contents organization, User interface, as well as your crucial compelling marketing message which you want to convey.

To convert Website traffics and visitors into Website Business Leads or purchase customers is always not an easy task. Imagine you would like to make an enquiry, would you simply submit your queries without even know what is all about the products or services which they publish on Web? A sales message has to clear off all user doubts. Precise information without hidden message, fact and proven track records in a MUST when you get your business online. Lastly, a Call-To-Action components will need to implant into your marketing message.


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Search Ranking no longer important? Can ya elaborate more?

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