Friday, April 24, 2009

Malaysia Herbal Emarketplace, Herbs Industry Going Global

HERBALDIRECT.COM.MY is the truly global business to business trade & counter trade marketplace, where herbal companies, government agencies, industrial experts and service providers can source relevant information, news exchange ideas, locate partners and identify projects for trade and counter trade. It is a unique concept.

The aim is to create a business to business e-marketplace packed with useful information that virtually everyone can log on, and ultimately give them the “a-ha” factor. There is nothing complicated about our portal at all, simply because it is created for basic needs such as finding out the latest herbals happenings in town, find your suppliers and distributors, link your business to others, find useful information for your business research.

HERBALDIRECT.COM.MY e-marketplace offers the following advantages to the community and to the advertisers.

For Business Community
• A new virtual community platform to facilitate genuine network sharing.
• Browsing, Observing, Participating, Sharing, Watching,
• Entertaining, Blogging, and Experiencing.

For Advertisers and Publishers
• Networks Diversifying
• Targeting Technology
• Report on the effectiveness of the offers and specific partners
• Track the traffic, leads, and sales that these offers deliver to the advertiser i.e buy and sell.
• Massive revenue sources to attract and creates market attentions.

A B2B vertical business directory will search only those parts of Web Containing subject-specific information and return more relevant results to user searches. HERBALDIRECT.COM.MY may offer the user-your prospects-access to more detailed and relevant content not found on general Business Directories, such as content hidden behind firewall, blocked by user registrations or dynamically generated from database.

HERBALDIRECT.COM.MY aggregate and deliver a targeted audience, making the advertiser’s job much easier. Also, sophisticated search mechanisms and filtered results help create more qualified connections between advertisers and searchers. General B2B directories typically don’t offer the specialized search mechanisms your technical audience prefers.

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