Saturday, June 13, 2009

“INTERNET” In Working Environment

Over the last 10 years, the integration of new information technologies has been incremental. But we are reaching that point because businesses have entered the “era of internet”. This will has far reaching the effects on the change of change where business more emphasize on self-service. Businesses of all sizes will need the ability to adapt to the dynamics of the external environment.

Automated information and communication networks will support the sharing of information throughout a large, wide dispersed, complex company. The technologies allow these more fluid organizational in using the form of electronic mail, voice mail, fax, data networks, and video conferencing. The speed of transferring the information actually allows the employee’s getting information in a smaller time lapse as possible.

The future is being born in the so-called information superhighway. Very soon these electronic telecommunication networks, covering the world via cable and satellite, will enable every one in the world to “talk” to everyone else. According to James D. Figo, Vice President for Asian operations of Consolidated Services International Inc. (CSI), collaboration techniques that include e-mail, mail list, list servers, forums and conferencing are designed to encourage employee to communicate with one another regardless of their physical location. (Farbey.B. Land, et al, Journal of Information Technology, 1992)

In the nutshell, the nature of the workplace has changed dramatically in recent years. Increased competitors, global markets, the advent of information technology, all these changes have create new challenge for management and new role for employee
communication . The challenge to senior management is to implement its strategy, the only function that can help to do that effectively is by employee communication.

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