Friday, November 13, 2009


SME online presence is crucial and it is very important, experts say. It is a must for Small firms to advertise online if they are to compete with bigger companies. SME are those with limited working capital, lack of information about domestic and international market, lack of promotion strategies supporting platform, etc.

Most MALAYSIA SME's manufacturers and suppliers knew the importance of online presence, but they know nothing about online presence. An online presence is an integral part of small business success. Small and Medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are estimated to account for 80 per cent of global economic growth. Unfortunately, the awareness of online marketing is not as significant as expected.

Ten years on from the popularization of the internet, it is surprising that the majority of SMEs don't seem to understand online marketing and many fail to make the most of marketing opportunities that exist online (Fisher 2007; Beckinsale & M. Levy 2004; Tetteh & Burn 2001).

SMEs manufacturers and suppliers have WRONG perception on Web Presence :-

1) I had registered my email accounts, i can now use my email to communicate with foreign buyer...

2) I had a website with already stated my company profiles, my contact details, and my product pictures, they will call me...

3) I already appoint a very good web graphic designer to design my site, it looks nice...

4) I have lots of requests comes to my site.

5) I don't need online marketing as most of my buyers know about my company....

6) Our industry is different from others, we are niche...therefore we don't need online marketing.

7) Our marketing is low, we need to more capital to invest onto this kind of advertising strategy.

8) We believe conventional Ads media helps...

Well, think for yourself. Do you believe online marketing can enable SMEs to appear bigger than they are. The answer is YES!

Malaysian SME should realize the power of technology to streamline costs and efficiency in marketing, and not neglecting it. The Online advertising and online marketing can be a cost-effective channel for our local businesses to reach more customers, even those abroad.

So ask yourself now! Is Online Exposure or internet advertising an effective marketing strategies? The answer is YES.

- It IMPROVE your business competitive edge.
- IT INCREASE referral and to build "worth of mouth“
- IT COST REDUCES in marketing and sales, and save time.
- IT EXPAND the prospects, customers and target audience
- IT BUILD customer trust and protect your customer privacy.
- Customer service is available at all times for your customers.
- The cost is only a fraction of that of traditional advertising media.
- Information about your company will be launched to a GLOBAL AUDIENCE.
- To initiate and to boost sales, repeat business and to maintain customer loyalty.
- Your products and/or services are accessible and can be purchased 24 hours a day, 365days a year.
- The Web is the most effective form of advertising media due to its interactivity and pre-qualification of prospects.
- Customers and prospects can download information and graphics directly, thus reducing the need for printed matter.

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