Saturday, January 16, 2010

Malaysia Education and Entertainment Portal

2YOUALL.COM is through and through, an Education community portal. A simple idea that seeks to break down the divide and gather pockets of people under one virtual community, if you’d like to put it that way!

The aim is to create a education portal packed with useful information that virtually everyone can log on, and ultimately give them the “a-ha” factor on everything besides schools projects. There is nothing complicated about our portal at all, simply because it is created for basic needs such as finding out the latest happenings in town, or where to dine, as well as other educational related activities.

So, as you browse through, we hope our education portal gives you one “a-ha” after another. Everyone is welcome to log on and our hope is that you spread the words around and invite your friends to be part of 2youall. As the number grows, we promise you exciting features, facilities and programs where everyone can take part in, and who knows create one huge, gigantic “a-ha” that spill over to a larger community and starts to make impacts in your local community scene.

After all, a huge ripple starts with a small stone among still water. We bet you didn’t think of our portal that way. Now, there goes your very first “a-ha!”

in reference to: Malaysia Edutainment Community portal provide online notes - 2YOUALL (view on Google Sidewiki)

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