Saturday, July 28, 2007

10 Tips - Drive traffic to your Website or Online Store

You may have one of the best website with very popular products, well organise site content structures, wonderfull copywriting and impressive layout design. What would the usefullness of a "fantastic" website without exposure. There are approximately 35% of websites all over the world are still "sleeping".

So, what is the best way to "expose" your website to the world. There are more than 100 ways to drive traffics to your site, but here i'll only focus on a few popular one.

This form of advertisement used to be an effective advertisement method. Social community site MYSPACE provides businesses a Advertisement space for businesses Websites to publish their Ads.

Before you launch your website, you should plan for press articles. Submitting press articles to Press, News, or Pulications sites is a very effectie online exposure method as they have volumes of readers and traffics to their websites or portals.

To search Press Release related sites, you may use popular search engines like Google, Yahoo or LIVE. Check out a few Press Release realted sites :-

1) Soft Press
2) Press Release Network

As the World Wide Web embraces more sophisticated technologies, many forms of traffic exchanges have emerged and will continue to form. Some popular traffic exhanges are Start Page Exchanges, Manual Hit Exchanges, Autosurf exchanges, Link Exchanges, Banner Exchanges, and Exit Exchanges.

Start Page Exchanges
1) Start Page Clicks

Manual Hit Exchanges
1) Exchange Pilot

Autosurf exchanges
1) ElysWorld

Link Exchange
1) Link Exchanged

Banner Exchange
1) Click For Click

Exit Exchange
2) EZ Traffic

Posting blogs is a popular way to get your ideas out to be read by many people. Blogs which is a short form of Web-blogs is where webmaster can post their articles or informations for the general public to read.

A good place to post your BLOGs is at BLOGGER or WORDPRESS

PPC or Pay-Per-Click Advertising method is the most powerful strategies available online which provides very targeted traffic. The Examples of PPC or Pay Per Click services are Google Adwords , Yahoo Search Marketing, and Microsoft Adcenter

A method or tehnique or skills to improve search engines ranking for relevant keywords, desccription and website title by rectifying the website structure, and content such they could easy understood and read by Search Engines software programs.
You may want to refer to some of the SEO GUIDELINES

Emailing maybe one of the cheapest forms of communication method. There are many advantages of emailing. Major Emailing advantage is that it can be sent to an unlimited numbers of recipients using bulk email senders.

If you have series of emails to send to the same group of people, consider using auto-responders. There are many autoresponder online and software you can use, example like Getresponse or Aweber.

These programs which sell leads actually sell you the contact information of the leads or prospects that may consider purchasing your products or services. Usually, with the lead's email adresses, you will be able to send them your marketing email.

The techniques of optimizing your website to get the top listing in directories are different compared to that used for Search Engines Optimization. You will need to get the right and related directories to get your site listed. You would not want someone who are looking for a bike to ring up your shops which sell cars.

Directories are merely the "yellow pages ". Below are some examples of popular directories and their respective page.

Yahoo Directory

Articles Marketing
Writing and posting articles about your products or services is a fantastic way to gain impressive traffics to your website. There are many sites out there, in fact thousands of them, that will want articles to fill up their sites. Following are some example of sources which you can submit your articles and to get your business expose to the World.

2) Article Base
3) Article Friendly


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