Sunday, August 5, 2007

Offline Advertisement for Your Online Pressence

Well, lots of online based businesses forget about offline advertising and some of you might want to reduce or eliminate totally the investment on Offline Advertisement. Bare in mind, your offline advertising efforts may not neccessarily be expensive. There are many instances where cheap and effective mediums can impressive your prospects and help your site the needed exposure. The following are some of the Offline Advertiment medium which you can refer to.

1) Cataloging your URL
2) CR ROM Presentations
3) Business Cards
4) Classified Ads
5) Company or Personal Cars
6) Fylers and leaflets
7) Packaging
8) Personal Mail
9) Phone book listing
14)Sales Letters
16)Trade Shows
19)Fax sheets
20)Exisiting Customers
22)Newsletter and bulletin boards
23)Schedule free online classes, train and teach people.
24)Answering machine
25)On hold message

However, before we go too far. Any businesses who intent to go for offline ads should choose the right medium.

- The demographic breakdown of the readership or audience.
- The numbers who read,watch or listen to the publication or service.
- What they are arguing about on the "letters" page

So, what is the main difference if you would have spent all your budget on the internet?

Some advertising agencies have conned busineses into believing that building a Web site is a branding exercise. Advertising on the Internet is about building revenues and profits and it does not bombard people.

What businesses want to know is:

1)How many customers bought the products and services which advertised?
2)What exactly did they buy?
3)How much did they buy?
4)Did they return and come back to buy more?
5)Have they happily made the purchase and without complaint?
6)Do they keep coming back?

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