Friday, August 31, 2007

Yahoo! Better than Google?

As we move from the Industrial to the Information Age, the quality of services, the efficiency in making a strategic decision and the profitability of a business becomes increasingly important. Search users demanded hign quality of searching experience to enable them to search comfortably. SEARCH had becomes part of our life. "Search Engines" - to obtain it's excellent performance, it is essential that it makes users feel good, convenience and comfortable. Most of the users had gone through generations of Search Engines, and it comes to the stage where the "Engines" require to meet not only on it's information availability, but also much more features which allows users throughout the entire world to surf more comfortable.

Working and leaving in the Information Technology line, and thus being in tune with many things IT, one thing is fairly obvious- the most significant trends over the next two decades are going to be the interrelated developments in data processing speeds and search artificial intelligence.

August 15, 2007 REUTERS report , according to the latest University of Michigan American Consumer Satisfaction Index, Yahoo! users are more satisfied with Yahoo! Search compare to Google. According to Professor of Marketing Of University Michigan Business School, although Google has gained the biggest market share in search compare to all others players, but there are much more other things which Yahoo! done well compare to Google.


Anonymous said...

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