Monday, September 3, 2007

Malaysian Online - Back From The Future

In the nutshell, the nature of "Internet" has changed dramatically in recent years. Increased competitors, global markets, the advent of information technology, all these changes have create new challenge for businesses and enterprises.

As business continues to learn how technology can help further online-commerce and assist management to achieve their goals, many organisation and business people hard-pressed to define electronic commerce and online activities. The information technology (IT) revolution has changed the modern business landscape considerably and has given rise to many new IT-related concepts and tools.

We, Malaysian had been many years stay within the entire Internet World.
According to The World Fact Book, as at July 2007, Malaysia population has reaches est. 24,821,286 . Out of this estimated population, there are 7,521 millions Malaysian Online Unique Visitors. (comScore Publishes the First Comprehensive Review of Asia-Pacific Internet Usage)

Malaysian Online History

November, 1995
Malaysian Internet survey conducted by MIMOS and Beta Interactive Services, one out of every thousand Malaysians had access to the Internet (20,000 Internet users out of a population of 20 million)

The number grew to 2.6% of the population.

December, 2000
IDC Malaysia reports that 2.07 million people had Internet access in Malaysia at the end of 2000, an increase of 1.5 million since 1998. The estimates in the report were partly based on forecasts of PC and Internet device shipments.

July, 2001
Only four percent of Malaysia's Internet users shopped online, the study found. The top concern among Malaysia's Internet population was security, especially the handing over of credit card details online. A significant 37 percent of Internet users worried about the misuse of their credit card details.

Oct, 2005
ACNielsen announced airlines and online travel agents would be wise to target markets like Malaysia (55%), New Zealand (40%), Singapore (36%) and Australia (35%) for which airline tickets/reservations are a common online purchase.

November 2006
Malaysia women are more Interneting. It’s an accepted fact, proven by social sciences and social behavior, that women are better communicators than men.

The Statistic as on 2006, out of 26,857,600 population, nearly 41.02% population use internet

January, 2007
Malaysia has over 8 millions users online, about one-third of the total population. The online population is two times that of the entire Singapore population already. Having said that, the Internet infrastructure needs to be improved in order for the online population to continue its growth and encourage greater usage of the Internet.

April, 2007
The largest online userbase from OIC countries in 2007, according to InternetWorldStats, are Indonesia (18 mill), Turkey (16 mill), Malaysia (13 mill), and Pakistan (12 mill). The statistic showed high penetration of internet users as a percentage of the population signals higher maturity in e-business readiness.

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