Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Language Tools - Who Is The Leader of Accuracy

According to Wikipedia, "a language is a system of arbitrary symbols and the rules used to manipulate them". There are people out there finding hard to translate or learn certain language themselves, and there are lots of translators charging high price for these services. Now, there Free online multilingual translation tools available for English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish languages and etc. Follwing are some comparison made to between Google Translation Tools, MSN Live Translator and Yahoo! Language Tools.

In October 2001, Google lauched its first language tools. It is a collection of linguistic applications, including one that allows users to translate text or web pages from one language to another, and another that allows searching in web pages located in a specific country or written in a specific language.

The following results showed that Google Language Tools has give us result on word "SHIT" had translated to "SHIT的" in Chinese (Simplified).

Lauched in year April 2006, power by Systran provides the online text and web page language translation. Translate a block of text or a webpage from one language to another. A nice feature webmasters will find useful is the to add Babel Fish to website to enable users to translate webpage into their language of choice with just one click.

The following results showed that Yahoo! Translator give us results on word "SHIT" had translated to "SHIT" also in Chinese (Simplified).

Lauched in year September 2007, power by Systran a new service for Windows Live Search, a Windows Live Translator Beta that lets you translate to and from English.

Last but not least, MSN LIVE Translator although is still in Beta version, but it showed that the Translator give us accurate results on word "SHIT" had translated to "粪" in Chinese (Simplified).

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